I'm porting a current site to Joomla 1.5. The menus around the existing site use rollover images and inline Javascript. How do i result in the menus look exactly the same in Joomla and employ the Joomla menus, without spinning recption menus code?

It wound up being relatively easy, really. Joomla renders menus as <UL><LI><A> tags. All I needed to do was extract the backdrop from among the menu images (in selected and unselected condition), set a images because the background in each one of the styles within the Joomla CSS, and voila, it almost looks just like the old site (minus a rather different font, because the text is no more area of the image).

To exhibit a food selection being an image, edit your food selection and choose a picture underneath the Parameters (System) heading (This list instantly populates using the images within the images/tales folder).

You must also set the module for that menu to show the pictures you place. Visit Extensions > Modules, then choose the module for the menu (for example, Primary Menu). After that, choose Other Parameters after which set Show Menu Images and Menu Image Connect to Yes.

The rollovers is going to be a little more difficult. You will not have the ability to add inline JavaScript, however, you might have the ability to use JavaScript to locate your menu and assign rollovers to every item. Joomla ships with MooTools, or use jQuery if you are much more comfortable wit hit. Make use of the Menu Tag ID area under Advanced Parameters to provide your menu ul element an HTML id.