I've an asp.internet mvc site along with a asp.internet web service. I'm wondering if you'll be able to ask them to within the same root(wwwroot) folder?

Like could I've

wwwroot -> all mvc files wwwroot -> webservice folder -> webservice files

Would the work?

I'm not going all of them mixed together and i'm sure getting 2 web configs within the same root most likely would cause some problems.

You are able to certainly host web service endpoints (like ASMX?) within the same folder being an MVC application. You are to suspect multiple web.config files will not work, but that should not be necessary - you are able to mix unique records in the two, and just tell MVC to disregard demands towards the specific ASMX files.

However, I'd suggest going a measure further - mix the 2 if at all possible by getting the logic of the web services to your MVC application, and also have the MVC engine serve a Cleaning soap response in line with the kind of request. By doing this you are able to dual-purpose your logic and provide you with much more versatility in the future.

Rex M is appropriate. You may also define another IIS application to operate within the webservice folder. In by doing this there's not a problem about web.config file since the webservices will have their very own. But be mindful, the programs will not share periods neither other common objects, so you've to define application variables and objects two times.