I am searching to make use of either Firebird or Postgres during my next development project ... largely because both of them are available within BSD-like license.

I discovered an excellent comparison of these two database at http://www.amsoftwaredesign.com/pg_vs_fb

But this comparison is a great 2+ years of age and both databases came a lengthy ways since.

Does anybody mind upgrading the comparison table to become relevant for that current versions of both Firebird and Postgres ... or possess a connect to a website that does a great recent comparison between your two database?

You need to choose technology like RDBMS not (only) on evaluating listing of features but on responding to questions such as these:

  • will it reliable enough to your requirements?
  • will it suit all of your needs?
  • what exactly are perspectives/support/developmet/documentation?

For me personally Facebook isn't a sensible choice. I'm able to point two tales:

  • I authored constraint on table. Customers then add strings to table. Before long user is attempting to include yet another string, but Facebook gripes on constraint. Wrong? This new string is definitely under constraint. Issue is inside a last string which was added before it! That string was added a while ago, it had been wrong, and to date it's in DB, and you never know the number of wrong data have reached DB. Very bad. Facebook implements constraints inside a wrong manner.
  • I authored a Saved Procedure (SP). Facebook saved it in DB, Facebook can run it, and delay pills work - choose data not surprisingly. Nobody warning. Then backup is performed without errors. And just on restore Facebook gripes that something is wrong with SP and ... what ... you've got no restorable backup copy now.

I'm able to point 2 or 3 more however these are sufficient that i can say: no, Facebook isn't my choice, it isn't RDBMS, it is a toy.

And they've bad documentation. Actually there's no actual references with every release. When individuals request in forums: exactly what is a full listing of functions in release XX? The conventional response is: take a listing from last official Interbase release and add (remove) functions all later releases's "release notes".

And they've strange support/development strategy. They're focusing on what exactly are interesting on their behalf, on deep intricacies, this is not on what exactly are really critical or annoying for customers.