Searching to locate more connection information that PostgreSQL stores.

Used to do find these queries:

SELECT datname, numbackends 
FROM pg_stat_database
WHERE numbackends > 0
ORDER BY numbackends DESC, datname

SELECT datname, COUNT(*) AS numbackends
FROM pg_stat_activity 
GROUP BY datname HAVING COUNT(*) > 0

But I am searching to discover what script(s) or IP's are hooking up or have current connections to PostgreSQL, can there be something that captures these details?

NOTE: Turning Logging on isn't the solution I am searching for, much more of a quickly report I'm able to filter through the script or IP hooking up towards the database

Postgres version 7.4

The Ip from the connected clients can also be recorded in pg_stat_activity, just like the presently running statement (if any)

SELECT usename, 
       application_name, -- only valid for 9.x 
FROM pg_stat_activity