Moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL, what (ideally free/OSS) software/tools can be found that replace Oracle Enterprise Manager? I am conscious of pgAdmin, in addition to some tools bundled up into EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus AS, but am searching for more context along with a better summary of the PostgreSQL ecosystem.

Particularly I am thinking about tools to assist:

  • Alert db managers to issues with both configuration and gratifaction
  • Monitoring of overall system performance
  • General performance tuning
  • Hinting support (my understanding is the fact that PostgreSQL typically frowns on hinting)
  • Disk management (ease in growth)
  • Backup/restore beyond pg_dump and pg_restore

Any ideas? This appears like something plenty of people might have been through before.

Postgres includes excellent command-line tools, and they are the main focus from the core developer team. Personally, i leverage individuals via custom site-specific scripts for db admin, upgrade, replication. For monitoring I personally use nagios to script psql to question vitals.

Nevertheless, you will find another choices on the GUI-side beyond pgAdmin:

Lightning Admin

SQL Maestro


I do not think these have each of the features you listed, but they could be a great jumping off point. I doubt you'll find a wide open source tool that actually competes mind-to-mind with Oracle Enterprise Manager. Around the commercial-side, you will find also additional options:



MS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

This wiki page also offers links with other postgres tools:

Community Guide to PostgreSQL GUI Tools

As being a CLI-zealot myself I am unable to given any sort of recommendations but hopefully this really is useful.

I believe the very best site to find software that matches your need could be PgFoundry:

I do not think there's an application that matches all of your needs but you may can mix some tools to obtain what you would like.

I've been with a couple free gui tools but none of them from it compares with Navicat PostgreSQL GUI. I believe it is the Cat Pajamas!

they have a totally free version now,