My webhost where our website is runs Python 2.4 &lifier the web site uses the SQLite3 python module (that is only a part of Python 2.5 &lifier up). Which means that I cant make use of the module SQLite3 because it is not a part of Python 2.4.

It is possible to way that i can upload the python SQLite3 module myself &lifier just import/refernce that during my script? Are you aware the way i would do that?

Usually I'd just install Python25 on my small webhost home directory, but this webhost wont let me do that.

Can there be in whatever way I'm able to just upload &lifier import a particular module - originating from c++ it appears this should be possible right? Because in C++ I spend my whole existence writting libraries &lifier just posting specific areas of them &lifier posting specific classes of the namespace &lifier etc.

This greatly is dependent about how exactly much take control of your webhost provides you with concerning the Python atmosphere. For normal hosting that is shared, the runtime Python atmosphere is bound.