I'm developing a wordpress blog for any magazine. There is a legacy blog engine with many years of archives, and i'm attempting to migrate all the content into wordpress posts. My technique is to import all the content through the Feed.

I'm utilizing a wordpress plugin known as Feed Wordpress which imports Nourishes into posts. The only issue is that's only imports the ten latest posts. Can there be anyway you are able to customize the RSS feed's Hyperlink to display all the posts? Or there's permanently available that may backup/export a whole blog via RSS or XML? I want all this aged content around the wordpress platform, and the only method I'm able to can get on is by the Feed. I haven't any additional information concerning the blog engine that's running the website presently, but Yes, it does not have export functionality. Any ideas?

What is that old blog engine? Based on exactly what the old blog is, you'll still might have the ability to export in the database. Wordpress imports many formats, and even when that old blog format is not directly supported, you will find methods to process your blog posts import them into WordPress.

Failing that, you have to try looking in that old blog code to locate how you can set the Feed to exhibit more (or all) records.

Edit: For Google Readers, it appears as if you can turn to http://www.google.com/reader/atom/feed/http://mydomain.com/feed/ in Opera after which view source to obtain an XML file.

Or consider using a stand alone RSS client readers for Win* or OS X and find out if it offers a superior the entire good reputation for feed products, after which export from that.