I am attempting to reverse engineer my database through the SQL Server Wizard within the VS2010 database project template. I am in a position to RE my database, but it is insufficient, because to ensure that my sprocs to compile without errors and alerts, I have to have my linked servers as well as their logins incorporated also. However, my DBA's can't produce the needed VIEW ALL DEFINITION permission around the SQL Server to be able to run that wizard in the server level. They don't wish to do this for me personally in VS2010 and so i am stuck. Has anybody had success producing or found a piece around for implementing the database level database project and taking advantage of linked servers along with other server level objects?

Designers can make a clear server project. After that you can have your DBAs populate it via "Import Database Scripts and Objects" command. Simply have them right-click on the server project and they're going to observe that because the top command.

Your database project then should give a mention of the this server project, and you ought to be ready.

Microsoft designed database projects around the assumption that merely a DBA will import objects. For example, in posting a SQL Server 2008 database, without having "VIEW DEFINITIONS" privilege, you will get a mistake about trying to import user file encryption secrets. You will get this error even when you will find no user file encryption secrets! They assume merely a DBA is going to do that.

Read and election on Schema Compare permission error for Database Encryption Keys even though the type is set to be ignored if you'd like to allow Microsoft understand what you consider this problem.