I am using powershell to produce a site in IIS. Among the needs from the script is it sets a particular user for connect as. My real question is how do you set this property in powershell. I have to set the password too , and choose 'Specific user' within the Connect As Dialog box. I should also set the ip during my binding statement.

My current script...

New-Item IIS:Siteswww.repair-information.internet -bindings @world wide web.ri.net' -PhysicalPath c:riWeb

Does anybody understand how I'm able to correctly set these characteristics using powershell. Thank you for any tips or methods. I discovered this website which has all of the characteristics for Application Pools, does anybody determine if a similiar site is available for site specific characteristics? Application Pool powershell attribs

Thanks a lot for just about any help,

If you are running Home windows 7 or Home windows Server 2008 R2 you will have the IIS Administration Cmdlets open to use. If you want to load the module type Import-Module WebAdministration then type Get-Command WebAdministration* to determine all of the instructions. You will want to look into the cmdlet paperwork I linked below for specifics.

Web Server (IIS) Administration Cmdlets in Home windows PowerShell