There has been a couple of articles and questions concerning how to do that however they all appear to possess a prejudice to iOS.

So to begin with I'm presently using PhoneGaps database functionality:

I've got a database I demand for application to operate from because it consists of enough detailed information online, most likely about 1mb worth (could be uncovered as .db/.sql). So I wish to have the ability to make my PhoneGap application and make it as many platforms as you possibly can. However need it to ensure that the moment the consumer has installed the application it instantly installs the database on their behalf.

A few of the solutions appear to recommend creating the database on first boot, but this just appears a little hack-ant and avoiding the issue.

I'm more than pleased to change to use webSQL if Android, iOS along with other companies support it, however as PhoneGap systems any available native OS DB functionality it appeared more realistic that exist an application to pre-populate an Android database and can get on via PhoneGap than pre-populate an internet database and can get on via webSql.

Hopefully this is sensible and there has been advances since mid this past year, which appears to become the final current publish about this kind of factor.

I simply clarified another similar question about this subject. First PhoneGap does not implement the Storage function that's recorded. Actually we make use of the sqlite and localStorage functionality that's implemented in most webkit based browsers.

My recommendation is that you should pre-populate a SQLite DB as well as on application startup copy the DB towards the correct location so that your application can can get on. There's a great blog publish about this subject at: