I've got a donation form which customers complete and I must then send the consumer towards the non profit organizations own website using their information already completed. Is possible?


This can be a large a part of what my opportunity does....but we must depend around the client too. Maybe it's a great exercise for you and them.

Here's the fundamental idea. We have a web form entry from the site. You will find there's script that processes the data and decides where you can route the data (we all do this for a number of different clients) Then your system experiences logic for everybody site (functions inside a class) that informs it how you can pass the data over. In some instances, it's simply an e-mail to someone. In some cases, we CURL a string over the recipient site continues to be setup to simply accept. One site enables us to directly publish to some "hidden" page on the site....this does not appear probably the most secure choice to me, though. The bottom line is to barter using the partner how they'd prefer to get the information. If you are helping them get contributor, I suspect they will be prepared to do anything whatsoever they are able to to assist.

Bear in mind, there might be some security difficulties with attempting to forward donation information across sites....you will want to remain as secure as possible....and personally, I do not think I'd ever transmit something similar to a charge card number except to some processor via SSL.

I had been a non-profit website owner for a number of years, and have several non-profit sites I talk to. There's systems available due to this purpose (one which involves thoughts are network permanently) Also, I have seen groups build non-profits particularly to simply accept donations with respect to other non-profits. Point being, there's a number of ways to approach this, not every one of them even code related.