I am thinking about using Apache torque as my object-relational mapper (ORM), and I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions around what framework for presentation layer with torque. maybe Spring?

I'm not sure if the helps, but my application is essentially likely to be couple of forms to input data and according to that data, I'll generate reviews in type of a graph or chart.

In case your application is web-based then CSS/XHTML/JQuery &lifier Spring MVC has always exercised ideal for me, otherwise, whether it's thick-client, Swing.

Incidentally, should you enable you to get 'separation-of-concerns' right the selection of ORM shouldn't have any impact what presentation layer you utilize.

I'd also advise using Hibernate instead of Torque, it's, from the perspective a minimum of, practically a defacto standard nowadays, which means a lot more production hrs and lots of individuals to help advertising media are into issues.

Turbine is really a servlet framework that combines with Torque (Torque was initially a part of Turbine). It may use either Velocity or JSP since it's presentation layer.

If you're doing charts and wish these to be interactive, frequently mixing Jersey/Relaxation with Flex and/or jQuery planning libs (sparklines are awesome) charts is effective. As formerly pointed out, Spring MVC is nice, out of the box Struts 2 for flat pages.

I second Mark's answer. We use Torque with Turbin/Velocity/Dojo