I've got a specific looking for my websites.

  • Apache on port 80
  • stunel on 443 forwards decrypted monosodium glutamate to 80
  • stunel on 2222 forwards encoded to 443
  • WAN-> NAT 443 -> stunel:443
  • WAN-> NAT 80 -> stunel:2222

This clearly uses "WAN ssl" just for connections on port 443 from WAN.
Is apache mod_rewrite in a position to pressure http:// like hyperlink to interact with stunel on port 443 (invoking https://...)?
If so any advice welcomed.
If no, is this accomplished with apache proxy mod or etc?
I'd rather not use mod_ssl yet.

ps. Do not throw this to stackadmin or whatever it's known as.

thanks ahead of time