For Search engine optimization reasons. How do you pressure user will get rerouted to when types on browser ?

I have attempted Redirect / en/index But I am getting "Opera has detected the server is redirecting the request for this address in ways which will never finish."

Also, can this redirection consired set language (php psession, snacks?)

p.s. xampp/home windows

[cde] creates path prefixes. Redirect matches any path its prefix is Redirect / … (so almost any path). Use [cde] rather:


In my opinion the mistake you are getting from Opera happens because you are entering an infinite loop with this particular redirection. By trying to redirect to some page that does not exist, as well as your server is to establish to redirect to some page that does not exist on 404, you'll enter a loop. So, make sure that your redirect is certainly going somewhere significant. Does /index exist? Try redirecting to Google rather and find out when you get exactly the same error.

(My server understanding is restricted to goofing around while focusing on school projects, so take anything I only say having a touch of suspicion)

This most likely means you possess an error inside your redirect code. What Opera is discovering would be that the page are attempting to view is redirecting you to definitely itself. Without it protection it might just appear such as the page wasn't loading.

If you're running home windows in your workstation, I would suggest installing Fiddler2. It enables you to begin to see the number of redirects that the server is delivering.