I am developing a website in wordpress. I've got a very good music player inside it since it's for any music artist. However I want the ball player to carry on playing as the customers undertake the web site. I shouldn't use iframe when i want the url up-to-date therefore the page could be saved. Or perhaps is there in whatever way to update the url and employ iframe?

Should you alter the URL fragment (the part following the #) on each page change, the URL within the address bar can invariably be saved. Should you choose this having a frame (most likely the simplest way), every page load would update the URL fragment from the parent document. If the incoming link has this fragment set you open the frame avoid the home page, however with the asked for content page.

Somebody around the Wordpress forum requested the same question.

The easiest way (technically) to get this done is definitely to utilize a Content management systems that supports surfing the website without page-refreshes, so using AJAX, as @jonny recommended.

jango.com appears to get this done along with another site I can not remember.

Should you load every page via AJAX, there's most likely destined to be a drawback should you worry about search-ranking .

in whatever way to update the url and employ iframe

you may need something similar to this


<script type="text/javascript">
    function change_parent_url(url)


 after each click (how?): parent.change_parent_url (new_url_here);

I don't know, but I have seen similar, iframe approach on weborama.ru:

search for window.location=, maybe it will help