So I am dealing with WordPress and merely spend an hour or so searching for an problem between two plug ins. Both of them make use of the same javascript variable 'd' however for different objects, and so i needed to change one of these to 'e', but individuals changes is going to be lost when the wordpress plugin ever updates.

There's 1000's of plug ins for WordPress, it's really no surprise that developers are utilizing the same variables. It is possible to method to stop your own variables from being accidentally overwritten?

You are able to wrap your code having a function expression:

    var e = 1;

Within the code above, nothing outdoors the function can touch your variables as well as your variables don't destroy other global variables of the identical title.

Keep in mind that as your variables aren't visible outdoors the function, all your code that describes them should also be within it.

The very best practice is by using javascript namespaces.

var myApp = {} = 0;