I am who owns some site with dozen of webpages. Pages were produced by using PHP. Before a while I came across that some men by utilizing Joomla Content management systems and wrapper menu option incorporated beginning (login page) there as well as on by doing this confused people along with other site visitors, especially because "window" of wrapper is not enough large plus some info on my page aren't visible. On by doing this site visitors connect these pages beside me and obtain bad feeling about whole my website. I approached these men but no answer, i quickly attempted to resolve it by utilizing $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] super variable however i did not get right and dealing solution with this problem. Someone experienced similar problem? Thanks.

EDIT - This is actually the code

    if ($HTTP_REFERRER) { 
    // check if the referrer is on your noentry list 
    // if so redirect it to another page 
        if ($HTTP_REFERRER == "www.mean.visitor.com") { 
            echo 'referer is' . $HTTP_REFERRER; 
        } // shows the referrer and formats ur local harddrive echo "You came from $HTTP_REFERRER"; 
    } else { 
    //everything is OK 

in the code you published the very first problem i see it's around the first line:


ought to be


Then within the second should you must place the websites you need to block. so change

if ($HTTP_REFERRER == "www.mean.visitor.com")


if ($HTTP_REFERRER == "the address yo want to block")

And write die() rather than die.

has something transformed?