Let me respect the database like a "read-only" rather than email it. It is possible to method to easily prevent syncdb from even disturbing to check on to update the database?

With Django 1.2 and a chance to have multiple databases, it'd prefer to have the ability to query a database for information. I'd will never need to really email that database.

However, I'd panic if syncdb went and tried to update that database (because I might not have a technically read-only account to that particular database). Mainly, I'd much like to make use ofOrmisuse the Django ORM in an effort to query that database.

UPDATE: Sorry, I have to have the ability to sync among the databases in configurations.py, simply not this unique one.

Heh, I suppose I'll answer my very own question (RTFM!)...


def allow_syncdb(self, db, model):

This is a definite start...

but syncdb is perfect for synchronisation of the models and also the database... for me personally it's unclear what you're attempting to achieve.

If you do not need syncdb, don't run it, simple as that. Upgrading the database is exactly what it will, if you have no need for that, you should not run it - it does not do other things.

If however you are really asking preventing syncdb from running whatsoever, one possibility is always to define a 'dummy' syncdb command inside your applications. Stick to the custom management command instructions but simply put pass within the command's handle method. Django will invariably find your version from the command first, which makes it a no-op.