How do you stop other websites to produce bad link to my website. Like this site has web addresses Other website that are connecting for this page are coming up with bad links like,

Thanks ahead of time, Anup Khandelwal

Generally, you cannot control what text other sites use to connect to yours, so you will find certain to be mistakes.

If you see a mistake is especially frequent, you can setup a redirect in the bad Hyperlink to the most appropriate one. How to get this done is dependent on which server (Apache, etc.) you're using and just how your internet site is produced (WordPress, Rails, static website, etc.)

There's nothing that you can do to avoid it unless of course you are standing over their shoulder when they're adding the hyperlink. The very best you should do is request these to update their link to the right URL. Or, you are able to perform a 301 redirect in your website in the incorrect Hyperlink to the most appropriate one.