I've got a strange problem, am using print_r($obj) in joomla yootheme zoo extension also it returns an empty page. it simply behave as die() !!!

it will output the item but it doesn't

plz observe that print_r is working fine with another objects and variables

am using xampp on home windows

any help?

upon performing print_r and var_dump , the page is simply blank, no error , view source shows " <html><head></head><body>/body></html>

error confirming switched is on

Whether it's outputting nothing, $obj consists of nothing. Try [cde] rather. Also, make certain you are seeing all errors that PHP is creating:


Is error confirming switched on?

Otherwise supplment your code:

ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(-1);

It's posible that $obj would be to large to load, and grab large amount of memory then script pause and work.