i've got a table that lists the outlet hrs of restaurants. the posts are id, eateries_id, day_of_week, start_time, and finish_time. each eatery is symbolized within the table multiple occasions because there's another entry for every day. check this out previous question for additional particulars: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3070295/determine-if-a-restaurant-is-open-now-like-yelp-does-using-database-php-js

i am wondering now how to get the information out of this table and print it inside a human readable format. for instance, rather than saying "M 1-3, T 1-3, W 1-3, Th 1-3, F 1-8" i must say "M-Th 1-3, F 1-8". similarly, i would like "M 1-3, 5-8" rather than "M 1-3, M 5-8". how might i actually do this with no brute pressure approach to numerous if claims?