Can anybody recommend a webhost that provides private subversion hosting over https in addition to a subscriber list for collaboration?


Edit: By "subscriber list", I am talking about a listing-serv, like something driven by GNU Postman. Not email notices of subversion commits. My primary issue is that you will find a lot of locations that offer subversion hosting, however i can't appear to locate one which offers a postman interface. might be a choice for svn in addition to GIT databases.

I love Beanstalk - it's reasonable prices structure and may grow together with your needs

Only for the record, I finally saw a compensated host that clearly mentions supplying subversion and postman: http://world wide

This required much more searching than I was expecting, and that i haven't found any options for prices comparison yet.. I guess establishing svn on the regular hosting account may be the primary alternative, however i was particularly searching for something which takes proper care of administrative things like that. I essentially would like to purchase a personal version of SourceForge, but nothing beats that appears to be shown.

Appears like a2hosting also provides subversion, git, along with a subscriber list powered by phplist.