I wish to use version control for any partner work for school, but nowadays it appears like you will find no private, free VCS hosts which i can use. I would rather use git if at all possible, however i wouldn't mind SVN. Alternatively, if there isn't any, should not there be a way that i can use git with no central repository? I'm not sure enough about git, however i assume that's the purpose of a DVCS, no? I have considered scp'ing a clone from the repository to my school unix account after which giving my partner use of that, however it appears like it might be a little of the discomfort. What exactly are your ideas/suggestions?

Edit: I know of 1 site known as xp-dev, but I am unsure just how much I trust it. However I can use might use git-svn on my small side, since my partner has really only ever used svn. But nonetheless wondering if you will find any options.

git may be the easiest solution. If you're able to scp for your school account, you are able to push to some bare repo there, and also have your friend push and pull after that. Based on your requirements, it may be sufficient for you and your spouse to operate git-daemon and pull from each-other this really is frequently the way i work even without the a central host.

I have had have fun with Unfuddle

They appear to supply both git and svn access, and appears like this is exactly what you had been requesting.

I am supposing you are inside a college of some type - don't hey offer some computing assets you could utilize to host a git repository? Indeed, while you say, one benefit of DCVS would be to not require a located repository. Why don't you just host it by yourself desktop machine, without having use of other assets?


  • Your College/College/School offers such service
  • Be satisfied with a google code project (it forces so that it is available to public, however in most situations this ought to be ok, I am talking about who cares?)

I requested an identical question before, and ultimately opted for google code. Our school did provide a hosting service however they were slow and did not create it for us over time, so ...

See my wiki Comparison of free private repository hosts, that has detailed comparison tables and may be edited by anybody.