I have looked in several places to resolve this issue, however i have not yet found an answer. I've my 'hola.py' script, during my /cgi-bin/ directory, and that i gave it permission to become executable, I alter the user for apache, however it does not work.

After, Used to do another file in perl, and remarkably it labored fine, with similar steps I'd adopted to create the python script run.

Now, I do not think the issue would be the scripts because I've added the #!/usr/bin/python line towards the top of the sourcecode and that i have runned them in the command line like ./hola.py, also it just labored fine

I think you'll might help me, because I wish to start CGI programming in python, before begin with FCGI or mod_cgi, that, now are a bad alternative.

If you want any kind from the httpd.conf file just let me know.

EDIT: Before you decide to let me know to have a look in the error_log from the server, there's a line (13)Permission refused: professional of '/var/www/cgi-bin/hola.py' unsuccessful

However the most strange is the fact that there's not a problem using the perl script


What is the creation of:-

ls -l

within the /var/www/cgi-bin directory?