I had been doing a bit of tweaks using the header and stuff of my wordpress blog. And out of the blue I simply recognized that Google Chrome is getting issues browsing your blog page. However its working fine on Opera. I don't know what went wrong, following may be the error message which i receive:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output began at /home/misspass/public_html/wordpress-blog-header.php:3) in /home/misspass/public_html/wordpress-includes/pluggable.php online 890

The address from the blog is

I'd be obliged if anybody could assist me in regards to this problem.

For me personally you are able to overwrite this file:


Essentially, I do not think this can be a Chrome problem. Your page fails for me personally in Opera, too. I am speculating the significant page you are seeing in Opera has been cached by either Opera or WordPress, for those who have a cache switched on, server-side.

Your condition is the fact that PHP is echoing something to the page sometime sooner than a later call to PHP's header() function. Since the headers need to come first (hence the title -- they are within the mind from the document), it is really an error.

A trivial example could be this:

    echo "Hi.";
    header('Content-Type: text/plain');

It is really an error because PHP results a few of the primary area of the page before it attempts to send a header. Whether it was the other way round:

    header('Content-Type: text/plain');
    echo "Hi.";

...it might be fine.

Inside your situation, it appears such as the wp_redirect() function has been known as, which attempts to send a 'Location:' header. That's what's online 890 of pluggable.php within the latest WordPress, anyway. But that redirection is failing because something online 3 of the wordpress-blog-header.php file has output something apart from a header.

You have to look into the code you've transformed. The mistake seems to become originating from line 3 on wordpress_blog_header.php, but that appears a little odd, as that isn't personal files you ought to be altering to be able to re-theme a WordPress blog. Is it feasible you opened up that file and accidentally added a couple of blank lines at the very top, prior to the <?php? Because that may certainly have triggered the issue.

have you modify some plug ins, or write newer and more effective functions which are loaded within the functions.php from the theme directory?

Are this plug ins echoing something, like debug strings. This error occurs when you output something Prior to the header() purpose of wordpress.

What files have you modify ? Analyzing your output you will find 2 n prior to the warning message, appears as an echo of the null value.