I simply got this wordpress theme: http://meezio.pixelworkshop.fr/

Excellent, however , becasue it is a 1 page template whenever I attempt to print the page I am presently viewing it always prints page one, I realize why the browser performs this which is being employed as intended, but it is possible to method to print exactly what is on screen right now to request to print page?

BTW I transformed the media="screen" to media="all" to any or all stylesheets therefore the styles are exhibiting properly around the printed pages, but nonetheless shows me the very first slide regardless of what. Should you go the your blog section or any category it really works fine though, as these pages not have the slide feature.

Does anybody understand how could I actually do this?

Thanks all ahead of time.

See this question having a recommended solution

  • Provide the body and also the HTML tag 100% height
  • Provide the body a "overflow: hidden"
  • Place the items in your page right into a 100% wide, 100% tall DIV with overflow:auto
  • Scroll towards the preferred position and click on "print"

The key part is the fact that there's no obvious fix for your problem, however with a little of chicanery, you can test to complete the thing you need.

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