I have attempted to set up either the Fusion or Thematic child styles for my blog. My Wordpress directory is situated at myblog/wordpress while my domain is simply myblog (example).

Everything works fine with both fundamental styles or even the parent Fusion or Thematic styles. After I use a child theme for either framework, I'm able to see the preview and choose 'activate.'

However, next my entire site crashes. I can not even see the wordpress admin panel. I have needed to restore my database from the host company simply to get my blog working. Everything I am capable of seeing is my favicon icon along with a blank page.

I have attempted to deactivate all plug ins which does not help either.

I actually want to make use of the Hybrid News child template. Any ideas on which may be happening? thanks a lot!

I suppose the kid theme you're using has some problems. Usually site or browser crashes due to some script that consumes lots of memory like infinite loop. There shouldn't be any difficulty using the wordpress or thematic framework as I have tried personally them before a great deal and didnt face just one problem.