I'm using dompdf for my wordpress project. I must create the certificate for user which i have produced with my very own table. Now I must create the pdf using the user information which i have held in table. PDF is produced and saved however when I open the pdf, this message is displayed " Adobe Readers couldn't open 'certificate.pdf' since it is either not really a supported file type or since the file continues to be broken (for instance, it had been sent being an email attachment and wasn't properly decoded) ". However when I personally use exactly the same code from the wordpress, it really works perfectly. I've installed dompdf in folder wwwprojectwp-contentthemesmysite .

Can anybody assist me steps to make PDF work. Thanks ahead of time

It's possible the Wordpress produced Pdf also consists of the HTML content from the page. I have seen programs that send a Pdf to browser after which within the same stream they give even the HTML page content which damages the PDF.

Open the Pdf with Notepad and when the thing is any HTML content, either at the start or in the finish, then you definitely found the issue.