I am facing problem when migrate my web application project from development server to reside server. this is because because i simply understand that the live server has different PHP version and available memory lower then mine.

i discovered this after client produce their ftp and cpanel access of the server, the industry shared host.


  1. how can we handle this case ? and steer clear of similar problem later on ?
  2. What's the most appropriate configuration of the development server ?

btw, i personally use xampp in home windows. it's has apache and mysql.

Later on you need to concur minimum specs for that production server, and tune your development server properly (if required). It might also assistance to get access (or details about) the development system as quickly as possible, so that you can make any necessary corrections in early stages.

I needed to face the identical problem (being the customer ...) although I was adamant the web agency needed to test on our hosting servers, they didn't. Once they shipped, virtually everything broke since the versions and configurations completely different.

When the website will be located on the hosting that is shared server, quite frequently you can get the own space for any couple of dollars. If you won't want to bother replicating the identical versions/setting environement, it is a cheap method to test out your work

I've a classic Pentium about 256Mb of ram that's my development atmosphere, for PHP work It's my job to further restrict memory usage to something moderately low. Then before I write one type of code, I demand that my clients produce a saved copy from the creation of phpinfo in the atmosphere they want me to deploy too. With this last bit, I'll reconfigure my small-box to operate the identical.

That's labored well for me personally for quite some time because I'm more often than not guaranteed a performance boost on deployment ( which client's like ) and that i don't need to bother about atmosphere conflicts.