I authored a PHP script that pulls under 200 rows from a MySQL DB which has 5 posts. It really is relatively easy and I have tried personally a typical variant of the on other pages.

The main difference is this fact has become in the Joomla page.

The page loads fine on Opera and Chrome however in Ie it requires a very very long time to load (minutes).

Can there be any known problem between these components that may result in a problem such as this.

Appreciate any help ahead of time.

PHP script handling on server by webserver. And it doesn't matter what browser have you use. Perhaps you have some JavaScript code?

There's no apparent reason why using IE would result in a database to operate reduced - or Joomla for your matter. Particularly heavy DOM manipulation within the page may bring older Computers to some halt with IE - but that might be most pages inside the site not merely one specific page.

How's your script being known as - perhaps you have built it right into a module or component or wordpress plugin? Can it be being known as multiple occasions? Could it be really being known as by javascript/ajax from inside the page?

Should you switch on debug mode are you able to see the number of database queries are now being run through the slow page? Is the code being performed multiple occasions accidentally - possibly inside a loop.

Could it be one query coming back 200 rows - or perhaps a loop with 200 iterations undertaking one query on each iteration?

Are you currently testing IE soon after testing another browsers. Can it be a db query throttling problem because of an overloaded database?