To begin with, I have only began dealing with databases and c# and so i might be creating a really stupid mistake here so apologies ahead of time. I am attached to a SQL server express database and may read from this fine, however whenever I've up-to-date my DataSet to include new posts and continue to update the information source it will not update effectively. Code below:

        DataColumn newColumn;
        SqlCommandBuilder cmdBuild = new SqlCommandBuilder(_myAdapt);

        foreach (String s in myList)
            newColumn = new DataColumn(s, System.Type.GetType("System.String"));

        _myAdapt.Update(_myData, "Table1");

Anybody got any suggestions why this wont work? I have debugged it and also the data set is certainly being up-to-date using the new posts however i cant appear to update the information source.

Thank you for any reactions.

Does that column appear in the database (and merely not inside your database), or are you currently attempting to Affect the table definition within the database while using dataset.

I do not believe the second of the aforementioned can be done. Your dataset will need a column structure to complement those of the database table that you are upgrading. You are able to however add as numerous rows as you desire towards the dataset and they'll all Place towards the database fine.

If you think you have to add posts for your table at run-time I'd suggest returning to your computer data-model. Where possible your column definitions ought to be be constant with time, to represent the primary characteristics from the data organizations you are storing.