I've got a project I have to do in C#, within this project I must produce a database which could add rows instantly, perform queries, and offer the information in the DB inside a table.

Does anybody have idea how do i do this easily? (what type of DB to make use of, or perhaps a guids that may guide me throughout the programming).

Because I google it, however i did not find anythig.

SQLite is a great server-less database: http://www.sqlite.org/. In addition, Visual Studio provides the choice to install MSSQL server express, or download it free of charge: http://www.microsoft.com/express/sql/default.aspx

For programming guides, take a look at MSDN, as well as in the situation of SQLite at their website.

Is said to be a multiuserapp or simply run on one computer?

  1. multiuserapp: you have to use a proper database engine, a great free software option is MySQL
  2. single computer, small quantities of data: The ideal choice could be Sql Compact, incorporated within the .internet framework. Check this out SO Link
  3. simgle computer, much data: I recommend Microsoft SQL Express, that is easy to embed within the installation using the application. Keep in mind it features a 4 gb limit, MySQL may be considered with this scenario.

Additionally you will have to run instructions like "Create table" and the like for creating the table structure etc. It's difficult to describe correctly not understanding your experience of these things.

I recommend you google the pointed out database engines, and request more spesific questions if you have decided which engine to make use of.

You should use SQL Server or MySQL(Free) like a database engine for the project.

This is a piece of content to construct database in sqlserver http://www.devarticles.com/c/a/SQL-Server/Building-Your-First-SQL-Server-2000-Database/

If you're a student, You can test these power tools free of charge. https://www.dreamspark.com/default.aspx

For start use express edition of MsSQL. It nicely combines using the visual studio and large amount of jobs are wizard driven.

Out of your application side, System.Data.SqlClient namespace provides you APIs where one can communicate with the database.

For creating database, you should use the management studio of MsSQL that is more graphic to do options. Another choice is you're doing so programmatically inside you application. this could complicate the application and causes it to be hard to change queries at some later stage.

Beginning C# 2005 Databases by Karli Watson is bestseller which utilizes express edition of both MsSQL and VC# to demonstate what you're attempting to do.

Either Microsoft Access or sqlite is a good example for the purpose