My cousin wants to produce a WordPress blog, but because he's picky concerning the design (particularly the fonts), he really wants to use Expensive for that frontend -- display, article marketing, interface, etc. He's searching for a plug-for the reason that will require the consumer input in the Expensive interface and convert it in to the appropriate PHP for WordPress. I have not used at all Expensive, and so i did not understand what to inform him, apart from that this sounds nuts. It is possible to better answer than this?

Expensive can store and retreive information via HTTP easily enough, and i believe Wordpress makes the majority of things available with an XML-RPC interface, which means you could write a Expensive client that did all of the display itself and merely used the wordpress after sales in order to save the information.

I am unsure how this could, in almost any significant way, be "wordpress" though, as opposed to just a Expensive based blog which used a small bit of Wordpress's database.

Here, it's been done already, begin by reading through this and you will be on the way:

Since writing this, I discovered this book, that has been released. It handles integrating Expensive into Drupal sites, that we know is not as it happens what my pal was searching for (he particularly pointed out Wordpress), but maybe I'm able to steer him towards Drupal rather than Wordpress.

It isn't much work really. I personally use the Zend Framework to talk with Wordpress and send the data backwards and forwards to Expensive. I am unsure this solution might be "packed" right into a wordpress plugin , it does not make anything simpler as a result , it simply enables to possess a great Content management systems integrated with Expensive.

I'm able to think about an implementation using AMFPHP, using Expensive and Remoting it with PHP. Trade data between PHP and also the Expensive. Take a look link,

I understand this publish now has wrinkles, however their is really a framework made specifically for your. it's known as press2flash and you will think it is here: Press2Flash

It appears like lots of work in case your buddies problem is actually just he's picky about his fonts; I would visit articles such as this:

which really walks you thru a chance to convert a font file right into a javascript you can use anywhere on the internet. Hope this can help!