I am just trying to produce a new MySQL database having a couple of simple tables.

I produced a brand new EER Model in Work bench and so i possess the database patterned I would like it, with the tables/fields I want. I do not use whatever way to accept model and make a real database from it. At this time it simply produced b .mwb "MySQL Work bench file".

I saw this question that is outdated as it is for Work bench (5.2.33) also it discusses "around the left pane there's a piece entitled 'Object' " which does not seem to appear in (5.2.36).

Does Work bench have the abilities to produce a database or perhaps is it just for hooking up/editing existing databases? If Work bench can't create new databases, exactly what is a simple tool which will?

I am using MySQL Work bench (5.2.36) on Win 7.

In my opinion you need to choose the "Database" menu after which choose "Forward Engineer".

In Workbench's primary menu choose Database -> Forward Engineer. This will done that which you request for.