because the title indicates, I am battling to learn how to produce a new table and models and stuff in symfony without wrecking everything and losing my data.

I am running on symfony 1.4 Propel based.

what I am attempting to goal is to produce a new table within an existing database via symfony. But when I edit the schema file after which launch

 php symfony doctrine:build-schema

I am gonna lose all of the data. :-

thank u a lot ahead of time



Regrettably, SF 1.x doesn't have built-in migration support. Individuals have used doctrine migrations individually, but I'm not conscious of a great choice for propel.

The simplest solution I've come across would be to export/backup the information inside your current database, run the build-schema command to construct the brand new version, after which import the information back. Its not so elegant, however it works.