I wish to create an API to permit use of a database, that we will have the ability to write various front-finishes for after which access via HTTP. Much in the same manner this service works: http://www.askgeo.com/#web-api

I suppose I will have to produce a server type application, which will listen for specific demands after which return the appropriate data. And i'm searching to create it in Perl

Can anyone point me within the direction which i ought to be searching? What modules works best? Or any online assets/lessons that can help get me began?

Thanks, Neil

You should use any server side solution you want. Without having preferences try modern one. Here are good examples of the server side applications that solve similar task using Mojoliciuos framework. Have a look at Dancer and Catalyst frameworks. They are with many different buzz around, but you will find more about CPAN.

This Mojolicious::Lite app is a simple search interface for the Apache Solr using JSON REST interface.

Here's another example - A working protopype of a RESTful service for notes management. This is Mojolicious based application, however is not Lite application, so several file and a bit different syntax. Still code really is easy and readable.