I've been searching all day long and reading through many lessons but still I'm confused. I'm focusing on a task which has the next needs as per the customer (customer - to not be mistaken with client application):

  1. Connect with an online server and verify that connection was effective.
  2. Connect with Web service on stated server via Cleaning soap.
  3. Authenticate with service using public key file encryption
  4. Upon effective authentication, push a listing of items and groups to some MSSQL database on remote server through the Web service.

The customer is really a Winforms application designed in C#. To date, I've produced a WCF Service Application with separate services for that items and groups however i cannot figure the relaxation out.

Can anybody point me in direction of a tutorial or lessons which cover these needs?

Thank you ahead of time!


Well.. you will want to interface using the database utilizing a Data Access Layer of some kind. Your choices are moving your personal.. or using pre-made solutions for example Linq2SQL, Entity Framework, nHibernate, SubSonic etc.

When it comes to security, if transmission of information using the webservice may be the problem you can simply employ HTTPS.

I've exercised the next solution:

  1. User makes its way into username, password and public key
  2. Program connects to remote WCF service which inspections provided account information against database on server to make sure that they're correct - account information are sent via custom MessageContract.
  3. Upon effective authentication, server transmits response to client to allow it know to proceed.
  4. User chooses items and groups to transmit to remote server.
  5. Selected details are encoded through the client with user's public key and decrypted in the server using the corresponding private key.
  6. Decrypted details are saved in database.

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