wordpress , plug ins : hi , I wish to create website by wordpress but I wish to make speacial plug ins .. and that i managed to get but you will find problem .. _

I've got a website and that i utilizing it with wiki for contries on the planet ..

I would like in the plug ins 'when the customer open the page for instance 'United State' , I would like in the plug ins to look about all world within this page like metropolitan areas ' New You are able to , .... ' and change it by like for city's page for instance = New You are able to ..

I'm not sure how allow it to be ..

I attempted couple of occasions however i fail >_< ..

Plugin Name: ReplaceMent

$wiki_contry = array ("Japan"=>"<a href='?japan.php'> Japan <a/>","United State"=>"<a href='?usa.php'> United State <a/>");
function replace($text){
    foreach ($wiki_contry as $ky => $vl){
    $text = str_replace(ِ"$ky","$vl", $text);
    return $text;


other world , I would like my website like wikipidia but using wordpress and plug ins ^_^..

thanks greatly

I personally don't like to become frank however your British is terrible. I can not clearly know very well what you are doing or why you are trying to get it done.

Why can you would like your site to become like Wikipedia utilizing Wordpress and it is plug ins when you are able only use MediaWiki free of charge?