I have built an e-shopping website for any large company that has country offices.

What i wish to do may be the following

  1. Generate barcode via PHP before delivering package to country offices of company
  2. Once the item is going to be showed up to country office, employees will login for their account, scan this barcode via barcode readers (which situated on package) and website will instantly "approve" that item received.

Is it feasible just with web interface? I am talking about with no local application. How to achieve that? PLease explain.

here is definitely an approach that may meet your needs:

You have to put an archive inside a database like:

package_id |    name      |   status

  1234        My Package      shipped

Produce a barcode which consists of the package_id, you need to decide what type of barcode you need to use. You might make use of a data matrix. Then you definitely produce the barcode as image to ensure that you are able to print it. Data Matrix is excellent for big custom data.

Print the barcode, use it your package

The package arrives in the office, the consumer logs onto your site, clicks "Confirm Package Received" or whatever. Then there's a text-area, he focuses the written text-area, scans the barcode/data matrix as well as your package ID "1234" can look within the text-area

Submit the shape, research the entry within the database, change it out to:

 package_id |     name      |   status
  1234         My Package      delivered

Some Advice If you are using a QR Code it may be read by many people cell phones, so you do not need a genuine barcode scanner. You can write an application that reads the barcode and transmits the package_id for your server.

I am unsure basically understand fully your question, but when you're searching create a file that may be printed like a barcode, you will need to understand what type of files your barcode printer can print.

And when you're searching to read a barcode having a scanner right into a webform, the scanner must recognize the barcode type. The scanner inputs the barcode value in to the webform (or other program that accepts text). The webform is not related to realizing a barcode.

First, you have to chose which barcode type you need to generate. You will find multiple to think about, 1D or 2D. 1D bar code scanners are pretty straight forward scribe only a tiny bit of data. 2D bar code scanners are bigger and may scribe more data, they're also a bit more aesthetic :) If you opt for a 2D bar code scanners, I would suggest QRCode, or DataMatrix. The PDF417 is a practicable option if you want to lay your computer data more flat rather than squared. You'll find more details here: http://www.barcodephp.com/en/whatbarcode

When you found your code to create, you think about which readers to obtain. I presently own a Metrologic Focus FirstFlash MS1690. It reads all of the bar code scanners pointed out above. They're multiple options here again, the simplest is to buy a USB barcode readers: whenever you scan a barcode, it might simply write it towards the screen as someone were typing it around the keyboard.

I am searching at Zend barcode to behave similar, but of course I am only getting began. I am wanting to understand how others handle this.