Unsure whether this is sensible on SO, but I am focusing on an internet site that will provide a listing of recent cars of great interest towards the user, a little like autotrader.com. Do everyone understand how this kind of websites operate? On autotrader.com I believed that maybe the sellers need to upload increase their inventory themselves. Does anybody know whether it's the situation? Also It seemed like when you attend a dealer in america, they are able to look for a specific vehicle through all of the shops. Main point here: The inventory appears to become accessible by organizations - you never know more?

You will find an ISO 3779 (Europe) and FMVSS 115 (US &lifier Canada) standards for the cars available on the market.

Each and everycar is recognized with a VIN (Vehicule Identification Number).

I believe that's what you're searching for.

You will get the state well-up-to-date VIN data here

If you wish to think it is one other way, google as always will probably be your friend.