Let us state that I've got a huge volume of restaurant reviews inside a database -- not Joomla articles, just database tables. I wish to display these restaurant reviews included in a Joomla 1.5 site.

I'm able to write an element to show each review. That part is okay. But instead of listing the reviews as a listing on the page, I wish to make use of the nice cascading down menu that's area of the Joomla template the site uses. But I'd rather not need to add menu products 1 by 1 for every review I would like menu products to become produced instantly in the database contents. Recption menus of reviews should 'plug in' the present menu structure for the site (i.e., I wish to give you the code that creates recption menus products by having an existing food selection to ensure that it creates itself under that item).

How do i create code to programatically create that menu? Component, plug-in, module, ...? Would recption menus be produced at page display time, or "by hand" within the admin panel (I am ok in either case). Any good examples of the already?


I believe the easiest way is always to produce a custom menu module. The complete fundamental you might just output their email list of reviews inside a <ul> after which apply certain css to create their email list.

I wound up developing a ingredient that produces the entire menu structure at the same time, upon admin request. It simply produces rows within the jos_menu table, as though the menus were produced by hand. Upgrading the hierachy is really a discomfort (and that i haven't completed that part), but creating the dwelling on your own is fairly easy and is effective.