I'm a new comer to Joomla development, I'm creating a website in which i've to make use of personalize the articles (i understand you'll say create a component or module) but I wish to use articles any ways.

While google I discovered that Joomla stores all of the items in articles in database.

but things i require is Can there be in whatever way to edit articles programatically(what are the PHP files for articles folders approximately where i'm able to eDit them) I must add custom styles, menus and such things as that to some certain article.

Please enlighten me about this. Thnx ahead of time.

whenever you say edit articles programmatically, would you mean edit this content of the article, or how it's presented and what else loads by using it?

the previous will need you to edit the db contents.

the second means you have to consider how joomla's templating system works, which is probably what you ought to do. bit of further advice: modules be capable of define class/id per instance, which is very useful for writing your css.

If you wish to use custom PHP code inside your articles, have a look at JUMI.