I'm writing a Home windows application which will connect with a Sybase database with an ODBC connection.
It'll dynamically produce a SQL statement based from choices through the user within the GUI. It must be fast (1M+ records sometimes) and be capable of export to Stand out, as well as other confirming tool (graphs, etc) What will be the best programming language to create this in?
I'm leaning towards C#, I've experience writing in C#, C++ and VB however have only intermediate experience, no expert at all. I am available to learning new languages when they offer advantages within the ones I listed perviously.
Just help.

All the .Internet languages (C#, Handled C++ and VB) have the same runtime library. C# and VB are generally simpler than Handled C++, and personally I favor C# to VB (but that is dependent on taste).

You could also be thinking about Java as it is also used extensively in enterprise programs that for database transactions. You can use it to produce CSV files which you can use in Stand out as well as other analysis / visualization application.

You could also consider Powerbuilder. It features a special relationship with Sybase ("native motorists particularly designed for Sybase.." see http://www.sybase.com/products/modelingdevelopment/powerbuilder). The syntax is comparable to VB, and really should be simple to get accustomed to. The more recent versions have excellent report features, for example graphing, planning and so on..