I'm while using genesis wordpress theme from studiopress as well as applied the "magazine" child theme. The question which i have pertains to the problem that pagerank doesn't appear to appear whatsoever for the internal pages from the site but does get put on the index page.

Could there with a issue in the theme that in some way stops pagerank from distributing anywhere beyond the index page....or maybe a setting that may be transformed. I've observed this same question requested on other sites but nobody could ever pinpoint an underlying cause or solution. Any help could be greatly appreciated.

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If you are mentioning to 'toolbar PageRank' (i.e., the values came back from 3rd party tools online, or from browser plug ins), you'll encounter two issues:

1: That value is up-to-date increasinly rarely - the final update is at The month of january, and also the one before which was well more than a year ago. Data on existing Web addresses is outdated, and there is no data on Web addresses that did not exist once the data was up-to-date for apparent reasons.

2: The information is hard to rely on/inaccurate anyhow, and is not relly reflective of 'true' PageRank.

I'd claim that an alternate approach is always to take a look at Page Authority via www.opensiteexplorer.org, something by SEOmoz. That's up-to-date every 4 days approximately, and really should supply you with a better knowledge of where Search engine optimization value has been distributed.