I'm searching for a great site to provide my pet projects. Its nothing I'd like released around the world in particular (if whatsoever possible), its only for items that I wish to experiment with.

The large factor is the fact that I will need a chance to remove projects after i am completed with them, something which would not be supported basically checked multiple projects into say SVN, because of the revision control.

I'd just install local SVN and hang up mutliple databases, but which has the drawback to being local LAN only (I truly don't wish to open ports to the net) and needing which i leave the equipment I place it on whatsoever occasions.

I haven't any preference with what version control product is used. Any suggestions?

Take a look at http://xp-dev.com/ it's free SVN hosting that will permit you multiple databases and will help you to take them off, plus they are private.

You could try among the following Free SVN companies:

I personally use and revel in Assembla.

GitHub has some low-cost plans that provide private databases. Regrettably, if you'd like to utilize a hosting service that provides private databases, you are most likely going to need to pay something for that service. You will find many version control hosting systems which have free public plans, though.

Edit: Appears like (in the other comments) you will find indeed plans that provide private databases free of charge.

I'd have a look at bitbucket.org because they are now offering limitless project hosting having the ability to mark projects private by Sept 23 2010.

Should you aren't wanting a complete blown version control system, in support of file discussing, take a look at Microsoft's Mesh. It's essentially personal files sync system across multiple computer systems. I personally use this myself to move my "Prototype" projects backwards and forwards between work and home.

Nobody has pointed out it yet, but additionally towards the sites pointed out I discovered this website unfuddle. Anybody have knowledge about them?

Nevermind, they merely allow one repository for that free account.