If only to begin up a wide open source project and also have been considering project hosting sites. I have been hearing tips to try something apart from SourceForge. However, one factor SourceForge has which i haven't observed in other project hosts is its site hosting. I must eventually setup a semi-professional, official site for normal individuals to visit and obtain my software. SourceForge's web space will make that simpler. Are there more project hosts that offer this type of web space which i might have skipped?

Github has got the pages feature that's integrated using the repo. Additionally, it a builtin wiki.

Google Project hosting does not give a website within the style Sourceforge does. On The Internet Project hosting it's in some way integrated within the online repository, though It fits nicely, it's clean, you've got a wiki and download page, my way through place.

You might have a look in internet marketing. Here's a good example of among the projects located by Google itself.

I'll suggest you to choose these well-known and well handled sites for hosting assembling your shed.

For me you shouldn't be worried about the marketing site at this time. You'll find some very free/cheap hosting available. And when assembling your shed does good, you are able to really approach some host company to supply you ad supported hosting.

You will find many different ways to produce sites free of charge on the internet, e.g. Google Sites -- by having to pay some modest add up to a website title vendor, you could have websites like these appear in your domain. How come it matter for you when the free services are tightly attached to the project hosting part of the process, or even more loosely connected, as with the situation of Google's choices?

http://patch-tag.com, a hosting for darcs, enables darcsit (gitit) wikis connected with projects the repo should also function as the source for that wiki. (A good example.)

This really is most likely a very common feature one of the current code hosting sites.