I am likely to convert a custom-coded web site to probably the most known Content management systems. The website is really a cultural occasions-driven (concerts, shows, etc.)

The "objects" we have to port for every event are:

- custom gallery

- hierarchical tags (beginning with place, theme, etc.)

- complex event dates (not only since-to, however, many custom ranges)

- internet search engine that views all of the above

I've experience to simply build sites with Wordpress, but we now have observed ( because of feedback from your clients) that after the websites will get bigger when compared to a 10 pages with many images, the management will get very confused, it's nearly impossible to locate and reuse a picture added several weeks before, and so forth. Also, getting a ready-made wordpress plugin is actually daunting, previously I have never found a wordpress plugin able to perform precisely what I desired, either since the needs were too specific, in other cases it had been affected with unfixable bugs.

Being mtss is a ten years site, you will find 1000's of occasions and pictures.

My question

I understand that Wordpress isn't exactly a Content management systems, it's more your blog with Content management systems features, so I am thinking to change to some proper Content management systems.

The very first names are Joomla and Drupal, however i question winch one is most effective around the front-finish (to imitate the initial site features) as well as on the rear-finish (an effective galley manager, good wysiwyg editor, tags/cateries manager, and easiness for that editor )

You should use drupal with a few modules for creating this website.

For occasions you'll need Date module

Tags are supported in drupal automatically taxonomy module you can also create nested tags there and you will find many module to deal with tags eg taxonomy manager

Using cck module with date module you may create many date for occasions (For drupal 7 there's no necessity of cck module)

As well as for WYSIWYG , as well as for image gallerias an for Search engine optimization many modules can be found in drupal.

I focus on event-driven websites, and employ Drupal solely. I recommend it to your requirements. However I'm not sure greatly about Joomla :-) ...

Drupal includes a great development community, and a good amount of good helpful led modules available.