I'll soon be switching from sqlite3 either to postgres or mysql. What must i consider when creating this decision? Is mysql more suited to Rails than postgres in certain areas and/or the other way around? Or, when i somewhat suspect, will it not necessarily matter in either case?

Another component that might play into my decision may be the accessibility to tools to data pump my test data in the sqlite3 db to my brand new one. Can there be something that ActiveRecord provides natively to get this done or any decent plug ins/gems to assist with this particular task?

BONUS: How do you pronounce "Postgresql" and seem like I understand what I am speaking about? :)

Thanks Greg Cruz for supplying the next link that shows the most typical pronunciations:

http://world wide web.postgresql.org/community/survey.33


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Would you recommend PostgreSQL over MySQL?


I wound up using MySQL. There's a neat wordpress plugin known as yamldb that actually saved me a while using the bandwith from my sqlite db to my new mysql one. Instructions regarding how to install and employ it are available here:


It's pronounced Publish-gres-Q-L begin to see the official recording. A great sized chunk of individuals only use "Postgres" constantly rather. There is a survey showing the relative popularities of the several other and fewer popular incorrect pronunciations, many of these are recognized by community people anyway, aside from calling it "Postgre" which annoys all of the regulars.

I authored a lengthy piece evaluating MySQL versus. PostgreSQL when it comes to speed and reliability, touching briefly on development model. Since that time, Postgres has ongoing to create steady forward progress having a unified community creating totally free software. Meanwhile, MySQL has came into this split community going in most directions with a completely frightening who owns the initial code. It's pretty crazy, and when you value really free software application the only real reason I saw for implementing MySQL at this time if is you have an application that only operates on that database.

Rails ought to be using standard SQL claims to gain access to your computer data. If this sounds like true, conceptually there must be little distinction between the 2 databases.

Anecdotally, there's evidence that MySQL is sort of faster, but that Postgresql scales better because the database will get bigger.

Basically comprehend the licenses properly, MySQL is much more of the "free as with speech" database, where Postgresql is "free as with speech" and "free as with beer."

SQLite is loaded with lots of methods for getting data INTO SQLite, together with a Postgresql process. I did not see anything going another way though. It ought to be not so difficult to operate up some SQL claims.

I am unsure from the technical comparison between the newest versions from the systems, but I know you will find non-technical factors which you might like to weigh inside your decision.

MySQL got bought by Sun which subsequently got bought by Oracle. There have been a number of articles decreasing of quality of MySQL because the founders offered it.

You will find other free dbs too, however i think Postgresql seems like the ideal choice.

It is dependent around the forecasted scale of the web application. For relatively small databases, MySQL is okay and it is slightly faster for straightforward chooses, etc. When your database will get large however, MySQL hits a wall where PostgreSQL just continues driving through it.

As lengthy as you are using ActiveRecord for the middleman, it will not appear database you utilize, because it develops Standards Compliant SQL Claims, that will focus on both databases. The moment you specify any triggers, saved methods, etc, you will be tied to one database.

Personally, i prefer PostgreSQL, but that is simply because I had been never a large fan of MySQL.

PS: I pronounce it as being "Postgres".