I am using Apache ProxyPass to pass through some demands from the server (1) to a different (2). This works acceptable for most demands, however when server 2 processes a Publish request and transmits a redirect header, this really is passed by way of the customer, who then is applicable the redirect on server 1 and therefore will get a 404.

What exactly I would like is the fact that server 1 (the server using the ProxyPass) follows redirects on server 2 and passes the ultimate page to the customer.

I am sure this should be one such scenario, however i can't appear to obtain the solution. I am imagining something similar to a "follow_redirects" flag, similar while you would affect a curl client, however i haven't found anything like this. Maybe what I am attempting to do is not the objective of ProxyPass?

Could someone point me within the right direction here?

Thanks, Chris

Browse the ProxyPassReverse directive. With this particular set Apache can intercept redirects and rewrite them therefore the client does not leave the proxy. This can not process redirects around the proxy, however it will a minimum of result in the client send the rerouted request to your server rather than departing you.