I am running Railo 3 in Tomcat 6..32. The tomcat server is fronted by Apache 2.2.20. Tomcat and Apache are pre built binaries from openCSW. Railo is only the latest build war used in tomcat's autodeploy dir webapps.

Things are working fine after i attempt to access railo and content around the tomcat server.

It fails however, when railo on tomcat redirects me to itself. Mostly, whenever a cfm script uses the CGI.script_title, it will likely be came back wrong.

Around the Apache side, this content can be obtained on www.hostname.com. Apache redirects the consumer to tomcat through AJP on www.hostname.com:8009/railo/content.

A script on tomcat (obtained from open OAuth example) can be obtained at:

/opt/csw/share/tomcat6/webapps/railo/content/oauth_test/good examples/admin_customers.cfm

After I can get on and then try to carry out some action, it calls itself having a couple of parameters, but at that time, railo dumps out a mistake, worrying the file cannot be found:

Page /content/railo/content/oauth_test/examples/admin_consumers.cfm [/opt/csw/share/tomcat6/webapps/railo/content/railo/content/oauth_test/examples/admin_consumers.cfm] not found

As you can tell railo added two times the relative path from tomcat: /railo/content/railo/content

This really is my configuration for that virtual host in Apache:

<VirtualHost *:443>
    ServerName www.hostname.com
    DocumentRoot "/opt/www/hostname/htdocs/"

    ProxyRequests Off
    <proxy *="">
        Order deny,allow
        Allow from all

    ProxyPass / ajp://www.hostname.com:8009/railo/content/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://www.hostname.com:8888/railo/content/

I attempted several variant for that ProxyPassReverse directive, however with no luck to date. According to extensive searches on the internet (The Mystery of ProxyPassReverse), I attempted this for that proxypassreverse:

    ProxyPassReverse / ajp://www.hostname.com:8009/railo/content/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://www.hostname.com:8888/railo/content/
    ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8888/railo/content/
    ProxyPassReverse / https://www.hostname.com

The tomcat server also offers an online host defined such as this:

 <Host name="www.hostname.com">
    <Context path="" docBase="/opt/csw/share/tomcat6/webapps/railo/content" />

But each time, I usually obtain the error from Railo.

Has anybody seen this issue with Railo, or CGI, and it has a concept how you can repair it?

You're indicating "/railo/content" two times. Once inside your "docBase" attribute and again inside your Proxy characteristics. So, demands being proxied through Apache will have "railo/content/" two times within their request pathways because it is listed two times: once in Apache, another amount of time in Tomcat.

Try departing from the /railo/content/ inside your ProxyPassReverse attribute:

ProxyPassReverse / http://www.hostname.com:8888/

This can allow the Tomcat config add the /railo/content/ bit simply by itself.